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Can be different, depending on the weather and location. Before starting your fishing trip, make sure you have all your equipment and wearing appropriate clothing. If you did not bring any fishing equipment with you, then you may rent any equipment from the crew or a local renting area. 

It will be customary for the captain of the ship to brief anyone taking part on the fishing trip on any guidelines that everyone should follow. The captain and crew wants to assure their passengers will have an excellent time, so please do not break any of their rules. When the boat you are on takes off, do not start casting away. The captain will take the boat to a spot to start fishing. Fishing will begin when the captain advises passengers to drop their lines. Let the captain or other crew members know if you want your fish bagged. You may be asked from the start if you want your fish bagged. Feel free to ask the captain and crew any questions about the fishing trip. Please tip your captain and crew regardless how your fishing day goes. They work very hard to make your day an adventure.

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