Amazon Hawg Hunter


Amazon Hawghunter Fishing Rates Amazon 10-day Tour Packages $3,995.00 Include: Airport transfers in Manaus Charter Flight into the Amazon Jungle Accommodations on the Kalua - Demeni Gourmet meals and beverages on ship 7 Days of guided fishing for peacock bass (two anglers per boat) Beer and soft drinks while fishing, top-shelf open bar in the evening Fishing rods Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure ~Where Luxury Meets the Jungle~ For the experience of a lifetime, HawgHunter welcomes you aboard for an exotic Peacock Bass fishing trip. Amazon Fishing TripsAmazon Hawg Hunter provides the best accommodations in the jungle. Rest assured, you will be fishing with the very best peacock bass guides in the Amazon as well. Capt. Frank has signed new contracts with who we believe to be the eight best peacock bass guides in the Amazon! He also know's that the most important aspect of your fishing trip is catching fish. Amazon Hawghunter Boat Amenities Kaluayatch2 The Kalua A Brazilian “Boat Hotel” that is 95 feet long and has a draft of less than 4 feet. The classic Amazon riverboat can comfortably accommodate from 8 to 14 fishermen in quality single and double rooms. Nine 21-foot aluminumboats 30 hp outboard motors 44-pound thrust electric trolling motors Cooler with drinks including beer, water and sodas Sandwiches and a grill for cooking fish UntitledDemeni Sport Fishing The "Demeni" is 54 feet long with a very shallow 75 cm (30 inch) draft. This boat can travel very far upstream on the affluent rivers, so you can fish un-pressured. The peacock bass that have rarely, if ever, seen a fishing lure. 4 anglers minimum Can take up to 8 anglers Designed for Private Groups or General Public Get To Know Captain Frank Captain Frank has a huge passion for fishing since the time he was able to walk. In 1988 he moved to South Florida where his Bass career started. Once in Florida, Capt. Frank joined a local bass club called "Hawghunters." This is where he became know as "The Hawghunter." In 1991, he started offering guided fishing tours in Florida Everglades. After 2 years, it then turned into a full time business, and founded into Hawghunter Guide Service in 1993. Since then, he has been featured in several Natoinal TV Shows and Magazine's for spectacular guided fishing trips in Florida. amazon peacock bass, amazon fishing trips In 1996, he took a big interest in Florida Peacock Bass fishing. After seeing what strong fighter these species are, he decided to offer trips to his clients to "The Amazon" for the monster 20lb. peacock bass. This helped him grow his business as well as study the habit and feeding frenzy of the area. Since 2000, he has been hosting trips to the jungles of The Amazon in search of the Tucunaré (Peacock Bass). Peacock Bass Fishing in the Amazon steve 2015 20 LB. Another name for Peacock Bass in South America is Tucunaré (too-coon-a-ray). Peacock Bass is only one of a long list of species which you can catch in the Amazon Basin. The tucunar is known as Brazil's freshwater ambassador, because it's fierce top water strikes and tackle busting power has attracted adventurous fishermen from all over the world. Reaching sizes over three feet long and upwards of 25 pounds, the beautiful Peacock Bass makes for a formidable adversary. They regularly break 30-lb mono and super braids of 80-lb and greater strength, in addition to destroying lures, straightening hooks and split rings, even breaking rods and exploding reels. Many consider it to be the ultimate fresh water sport fish. However, tucunar are far from the only sport fish which you will be able to catch. The Amazon is home to over 2,500 species of fish (some scientists say closer to 3,000) many of which are not yet catalogued. In addition to the peacock bass, you will have the opportunity to catch piranhas, giant catfish, circhlids, aruanas, traira, cachorras and many other species. amazon peacock bass Remember, there is limited space available per week and only two Grand Master Suites per yacht. Call now or e-mail to make your reservations. We will handle everything for you.