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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure Mark With Peacock BassAmazon Xtreme Fishing provides First-Class Freshwater Fishing in the Rio Negro River, offering fishing adventures for anglers one of the most exclusive destinations for Peacock Bass Fishing in the world. Located in the middle of the Amazon, in the Rio Negro River, the remote fisheries provides the perfect spots for the Goliath Peacock Bass. With your private host, Capt. Marc Cobos takes you on this adventure of a lifetime in search of your Trophy Peacock Bass. Fish also found includes: Red Tailed Catfish, Goliath Catfish, Aracu, Traira, Payara, Tambaqui, Giant Oscar, Needle Jaw, Pacu, Arowana, Sorubim, Bodo (Pleco). Your Host - Capt. Marc Cobos 18Lbs Peacock BassMarc was born on the Galapagos Island of "San Cristobal" and grew up in Southern California. In 1998, he moved to the Brazilian Amazon to the city of Manaus and quickly grew attached to the Brazilian culture, the people and its natural wonders it had to offer. He started in working since 1998 in the Eco-tourism industry and directly with anglers in search of their trophy Peacock Bass with fishing resorts for over 15 yrs. Capt. Marc's passion for Peacock Bass started in 2000 while working with operators in the Amazon spending over 6 months a season, year after year, giving him vast knowledge on the Rio Negro. Capt Marc is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He knows the Rio Negro just as much as his guide, lived with the natives, traveled with them, spent countless days out on the river, exploring locations, coordinating fishing destinations, follows the river's changes and knows where to go and what to look for season after season. The hand picked Guides and Staff will take exceptional care and let our guest have their best trip possible. As a nature guide learned much about the Rainforest and worked hosting many anglers from around the world who came after great adventures searching for the Peacock Bass "Tucunare". Join those privileged anglers to have your adrenaline pushed to its limits by one of these ferocious fighting fish of the black waters of the Amazon. That explosive power is what brings anglers back year after year and the possibility of taking someone to the ultimate catch for their record trophy fish. Catering to both conventional and fly fisherman, offering the best fishing in Brazil. Destinations Rio Negro LodgeThe Rio Negro Lodge The "Rio Negro Lodge" re-opened in 2014 under new managements/ownership. Amazon Xtreme Fishing Adventures is now offering this secluded location, located in the Heart of the Amazon's premier Peacock Bass Fishery, far from any city. An IGFA World Record Peacock Bass was caught not to far from its current location. The Rio Negro River is more than 6 miles wide in some areas and encompasses hundreds of Tributaries and lagoons teeming with World-Class Peacock Bass. Remote as it is, there's no ‘Roughing it’ at the Lodge, it's quite the opposite. Designed with Air Conditioning, the Main Lodge spans 5,000 square feet beneath a jungle canopy. The lodge offers accommodations for 42 anglers, ample air conditioned cabins with 2 queen beds which are spread out along trails under the jungle canopy, all with private bathrooms, hot and cold showers, massive air conditioned dining room, daily laundry service and a very delicious pool to enjoy the afternoon after a day out fishing. Amazon Yacht Adventures amazon yacht adventuresAmazon Yacht Adventure's Fleet provides the ideal home base for exploring and enjoying this prestigious area. The fleet consists of 2 custom-designed luxury yachts. The yachts are designed with a "shallow draft" permitting them to travel into areas not usually accessible, even in the low-water season. Our yachts are stately-appointed with the latest technology in navigation and communication equipment on all vessels. Headwaters Safari Camp amazon extreme 4Amazon Xtreme Fishing brings you this unique Amazon fishing adventure with the seclusion of a Safari Camp. Anglers will enjoy and experience extremely comfortable, remote safari-style camp located up at the headwaters of main rivers that feed into the Rio Negro, and cannot be accessed by other outfitters. Our operation will be fishing the picturesque and productive fishing water of the Rio Araca, Caures, Quini, Unini and other tributaries of the Rio Negro. This extremely remote operation is a self-sustained floating houserboat with its own propulsion for total mobility and comfort offering you a genuine jungle feel. The Safari Camp offers accommodations for up to 12 anglers, with private bath, hot and cold showers, air-conditioned suites with 2 twin beds, air-conditioned dining room, inner walkways, daily laundry service and a observing deck up in the tree lines. The AXF EXPLORER avx amazon 6An ideal option for smaller private groups and you don't need all that luxury for a great week of fishing. Measuring 24 meters long x 05 meters wide; Covered Solarium and a 360 ° view of the landscape; CDL restaurant with TV and DVD, Self Service Buffet service and a varied menu; Satellite Inmarsat Phone. Capacity for up to 14 anglers, accommodated in 07 double suites with air conditioning, twin beds couples with private bath. All the comfort of a small river boat. With quality fishing in mind, this is for the anglers at heart who likes a little adventure and does not mind a smaller home away from home with great accommodations. Equipped with tracker boats and 40hp ourboards makes reaching those far places a breeze. The Peacock Bass fishing season runs from August to March, may vary due to weather conditions in the region...