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We invite you to come fish us on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Let us take you fishing to one of the most amazing fishing locations possible, and catch fish like you never thought possible! This is the type of fishing experience that will completely spoil you for fishing anywhere else. This is the kind of Sport Fishing most people only see in their dreams. Targeted Species... King / Spring Salmon Coho / Silver Salmon Halibut Ling Cod Snapper Dungeness Crab There are approximately 150 Islands in the chain which spans nearly 200 miles from North to South. The Islands are located 60 miles off the coast of British Columbia and 50 miles South of the Alaska Border. What makes these Islands so special is how their location interrupts the migration of salmon returning to spawn. These salmon are returning to virtually every river along the West Coast of North America. Consequently, this is the reason we enjoy such a long fishing season. From the first session of the season in May until the last session of the season in September, we enjoy 'Prime Season' fishing. No shoulder season here! King (Spring) salmon start to pass by the Islands as early as April and continue right into October. We have an abundance of Kings through the entire season. This is Sport Fishing most people only dream about. Cartwright Sound Fishing Charters has been in business since 1991, providing guests with the ultimate fishing adventure regardless of their level of experience. We fish the West Coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands. Few people have had the opportunity to travel to this remote and pristine location. The population of the Islands totals less than 4500 residents - All living on the East side of the Islands. There are no roads to the West Coast so very few of the Locals actually get there. Aside from what is probably the best Salmon Fishing anywhere, this is simply a very special place. It is where the open ocean and the head lands meet and for 5 or 6 months each summer the sea calms down to give us an opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With the Japanese Current bringing nutrients over the Continental Shelf, and all of the schools of baitfish surrounding the Islands, its no wonder we have such and abundance of resident fish. As a result we offer much more than amazing Salmon Fishing. There are also Bottom Fish to be caught! When the water is flat and calm in the morning, fishing for Bottom Fish brings a lot of fun and excitement. Our targeted Bottom Fish are Halibut, Ling Cod and the numerous varieties of Rock Cod, including Red Snapper. Fishing for these species is a lot of fun - you just never know what will bite your hook next! This is also a great way to add many more pounds of delicious white meat to the fish that you take home. All summer long the ocean is alive. Humpback Whales feeding on Herring and Krill; Orcas feeding on migrating Salmon; Seals and Sea Lions living in the Kelp beds off shore; Black Bears feeding along the shore lines; and of course - Eagles everywhere! Imagine trying to observe all of this while fighting Ocean Fresh Powerful Salmon. It does sound like a dream, but it truly is a real place that you'll never forget! Our Queen Charlotte Island fishing charter boats are well equipped and maintained in tip-top condition at all times. Safety is #1 with Cartwright Sound Fishing Charters. We comply 100% with all regulations set out by the Canadian Coastguard and Transport Canada. The boats are 25 - 30 foot comfortable Cabin Cruisers equipped with: VHF radios Electric Downriggers Fishfinders GPS chart plotters Marine heads All safety and life vest equipment 2018 Package Specials "US Dollar per person" 3 DAYS FISHING AND 4 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATIONS (5 DAY TRIP) $2950 - Based on 4 per boat $3350 - Based on 3 per boat $3950 - Based on 2 per boat 4 DAYS FISHING AND 5 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION (6 DAY TRIP) $3700 - Based on 4 per boat $4100 - Based on 3 per boat $4950 - Based on 2 per boat Accommodations Our guests have access to a full service, spacious, beach front fishing lodge. It is located on the shores of Shingle Bay overlooking the ocean, with a background of majestic mountains, and beautiful sunsets. Queen Charlotte Islands Fishing Packages Include: - Spacious Beachfront Lodging. - Freshly prepared meals. - Large dining room and common room. - Game room with Pool and Darts. - Each bedroom features 2 double beds. We can offer our guests either single or double occupancy.


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