Deep Delta Bow Fishing


Louisiana Bow Fishing from Port Sulphur near New Orleans deep delta 1Bow fishing Louisiana with professional fishing guide Capt. Rodney Boudreaux for Redfish and Trout. Imagine yourself stepping into an airboat, a well-tuned 454 cubic-inch modified Chevy engine roaring at your back. As the RPMs reach a crescendo, the aluminum hull shakes as the large propeller fans the marsh grass around you. The airboat lunges forward and the Teflon-coated, 20-foot hull glides effortlessly over the dense wetlands. Your heart races as the craft moves through a scenic, meandering bayou at sunset. The evening air glances off your face as you continue the journey through a series of cuts that eventually leads into a gin-clear duck pond. As dusk turns into night, millions of stars emerge and darkness engulfs the marshes of southeastern Louisiana. Already, the ride has been unforgettable - but the real fun hasn't started yet. A 5,500-watt generator is turned on and the boat's perimeter is illuminated by 16 halogen lights suspended overhead. The drone of bullfrogs and insects merge with the night in a cacophony of sounds. The eyes of dozens of reptiles, animals and birds are aglow and you are transfixed by the magic of the prolific Mississippi River Delta. Raccoons, nutria and otters scamper about. And in the water, schools of Redfish, Sheepshead and Black Drum forage for food on the banks. Nearby, schools of Mullet move in tight packs, and a lone Flounder lays on the bottom motionless. deep delta 2A few years ago, airboats were used almost exclusively as work vessels in the petroleum exploration industry. This shallow-draft, aluminum craft proved to be the perfect vehicle to access impenetrable areas of the south Louisiana marshes and swamps. But airboats quickly became known as the ultimate craft for getting to redfish in isolated areas. A handful of sportsmen began "hunting" for Redfish with bow and arrow, and the sport of Louisiana bow fishing became popular. There is probably no one more experienced at this than Capt. Rodney Boudreaux, a Plaquemines Parish native. Boudreaux is one of the few bow fishing guides in southeast Louisiana. "Just the airboat ride alone is amazing," said Boudreaux, who owns and operates Deep Delta Bow Fishing. "We'll take you through these little sloughs where there is less than two inches of water. These are places that you could never get into in anything other than an airboat." Whether you're an experienced bowhunter or angler, or it is your first time in the outdoors, you're sure to have the experience of a lifetime. "I've never had anyone say they wouldn't want to do it again," said Capt. Boudreaux. "Everyone absolutely loves it." Louisiana Bow Fishing louisiana bow fishing 3Some of the guests with Deep Delta Bow Fishing are experienced rod and reel anglers. Others may include avid waterfowl and deer hunters from across the Gulf States. But Boudreaux said most include people who have never touched a bow or arrow in their lives. Experience is not necessary. And with a few pointers from a Louisiana bow fishing guide, guests are pulling in their first big Redfish in no time. Unlike hunting deer, Boudreaux said Louisiana bow fishing trips offer a thrill a minute. "Deer hunters may sit in a stand for a week and not take a shot," he said. "This is non-stop action. For the four hours were out there, you're going to be constantly shooting at fish." In a short course at the dock before departing, guests will go over shooting safety, fish identification and legal size and creel limits. Guests are told how to read the water's refraction, and are given a shooting demonstration. "We teach them how to read the water," he said. "Basically for every one-foot of water depth, we shoot bout four inches under the fish." Men will generally hunt with compound bows, while women and children will use "recurve" bows. "Really, you don't need to have held a bow in your life," Boudreaux said. "We'll show you everything." Louisiana Bow Fishing Trips Deep Delta Bow Fishing guests will launch from our Port Sulphur fishing lodge off State Hwy. 23. One of the areas Boudreaux will cover are the hundreds of shallow ponds off Grand Bayou, where the Pirate Jean Lafitte used to smuggle goods between the Gulf of Mexico and the village of Lafitte, southwest of New Orleans. Other productive areas guests will visit may include the ponds off the Freeport Sulphur Canal, that once served as a vital pipeline between Port Sulphur and the second largest sulfur mine in the world. Other good areas include Lake Washington, and the Secola Canal, located near the village of Happy Jack. "The majority of the areas we go in do not have names at all," Boudreaux said. "Duck ponds, wash outs, areas of broken marshes." In addition to Redfish, Drum, Sheepshead and Flounder, numerous garfish and freshwater Catfish are taken as well. "It's a different world at night out here," Boudreaux said. "It'll give you a whole different perspective." The perfect vehicle/vantage point Boudreaux's 20-foot aluminum boat has many features that will enhance a Louisiana bow fishing trip experience. At the bow, a six-foot by seven-foot shooting deck gives guests ample shooting area, will enough room for several shooters to take aim safely. The boat includes a unique theatre-style seating arrangement, so that everyone on board has a good view. The decks on each side have built-in fish boxes to offer maximum space. Port Sulphur Louisiana Bow Fishing Lodge We are excited to offer a 4 bedroom 2 bath waterfront home for lodging for our Louisiana bow fishing trips. Our Port Sulphur lodging has all the comforts of home with satellite TV and a large family room with leather couches, fully equipped and stocked kitchen and a large deck overlooking our docks and the bayou.


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