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San Diego Bay is a marvelous fishery that En La Mosca Adventures would love to share with you. I am a Coast Guard-licensed captain, a California Department of Fish and Game-licensed guide and an International Game Fish Association Captain/Guide. I am an Orvis Endorsed San Diego Bay Fly Fishing Guide. My specialty is San Diego Bay fly fishing and light tackle fishing for Spotted Bay Bass, Yellowfin Croaker, the elusive Pacific Bonefish and many other species. We can also venture to the inshore kelp beds depending on weather and water conditions. I also specialize in teaching boys and girls how to enjoy San Diego Bay fishing fun. Since purchasing En La Mosca in 2007, I have logged over 300 days on the San Diego Bay waters. In that time, I have fished with more 50 guests from all over Southern California. Every San Diego Bay fishing charter has been fun and I have made great friends along the way. I will provide all of the necessary rods and reels, flies, lures and other necessary items or you can bring your own. Water and soft drinks will also be provided along with some basic snacks. I prefer to practice CPR, Catch, Photograph and Release, with all species, especially Pacific Bonefish. When fishing San Diego Bay, I like to fish in the more remote areas, south of the Coronado Bridge. We generally launch from the Chula Vista Marina off I-5 at the J Street/Marina Way exit and arrive at the prime fishing area only 5-10 minutes from the Marina. We can launch from a number of different ramps in San Diego Bay depending on the fishing conditions, target species and the plan for the day. We will determine our exact plan during the week before our trip. En La Mosca is a flat bottom bass-style boat that is designed for relatively calm days. If it gets windy we will move to protected areas or may ultimately come in early if things become dangerous or unfishable. Fortunately, this does not happen often. Our safety is obviously the most important aspect of any trip. Below are approximate departure times and costs for En La Mosca Adventures San Diego Bay fishing charter trips. You will see a 50% discount if you bring a child under 16. One of my goals is for kids to learn and enjoy fishing at an early age. Half Day Morning Outing: 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM 1 or 2 Adults - $375.00 1 Adult with 1 or 2 Children under 16 - $200.00 Deposits and Due Dates A deposit of $50.00 is requested 30 days prior to confirming your day and time. If something happens and you must cancel your trip I will refund your deposit up to 7 days in advance of your trip. However, if I am able to fill your confirmed date with a paying customer I will gladly refund your deposit. En La Mosca is fully stocked with fly fishing rods, reels, leaders and flies. You will have the opportunity to use the finest rods and reels from Orvis. Helios and Access rods are what I recommend and use and you are welcome to use them. You do not have to bring a stripping basket as I have one built into the bow and the stern for your use. En La Mosca has numerous spinning outfits for both the bay and the kelp beds. You are welcome to use my equipment or you can bring your own. When Sand Diego fly fishing, I prefer to use a 6-weight fly rod with a 250-grain shooting head with a 6-pound test fluorocarbon leader. The water depths vary from 3 to 15 feet on the flats to 25 feet in the channels, depending on the tide. In water less than five feet deep, a floating line with a 6-8 foot leader can work well. Water less than 10 feet without much grass on the bottom can be fished very successfully with an intermediate line and 6-8 foot leader as well. The shooting head is always the number one option. The fly of choice is the Clouser Minnow and its many variations in hook sizes 2, 4 and 6. My favorite colors are olive/white, orange/white, tan/orange, olive/black, black, chartreuse/white and many more. Surf style flies work well, also. Light tackle fishing is done with light spinning or bait casting gear, using 6-8 pound test line. Small lead heads combined with Berkley Gulp Shrimp or curly tails work well. The Little George lure, fished slowly, can be a great set-up. San Diego Bay fishing, as in other areas, is affected by the tides and water movement. I try to fish with a 3.5 to 4' tidal exchange with incoming slightly better than outgoing tide. However, many fish have and can be caught on smaller tides.


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