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Exit 8 Bass fishing, we are committed to providing a unique fishing experience for fishers of all skill levels, on the largest freshwater lake on the island of Oahu. December through the end of March have seen some really great catches, but it's pretty unpredictable. You can hook every fish in the lake one day, and wonder where they swam off to the next. There is heavy rain during the winter and spring months, sometimes including thunder, lightning and winds up to 50mph so booking dates are subject to change based on the weather! During the rainy seasons, the lake can become extremely poor visibility. Our recommendation for the best time to successfully fish Lake Wilson and Wahiawa Reservoir is between April and October. Let us know if you're interested in the challenge of fishing in mild weather! Hawaii Bass Fishing Trip Rates Half Day (4 hrs) Morning Trip or Afternoon Trip $250.00 - Up to 2 people (per boat) Full Day (7 hrs.) $400.00 - Up to 2 people (per boat) Exit 8 Bass Fishing $65 Per Hour - Up to 2 people (per boat) Fishermen of all ages and skill levels are invited by to cruise up to Wahiawa, located in central Oahu, Hawaii, for the most relaxing and fun freshwater fishing expedition offered on Oahu. Wahiawa Reservoir and it's associated Lake Wilson is the largest freshwater impoundment in the State with a capacity of over 3 billion gallons, a shoreline roughly 20 miles in length, and a surface area of about 350 acres at maximum pool. Lake Wilson has been stocked with over seventeen different species of fish. The most popular and tough-fighting of them all, the Peacock Bass or Tucunare was introduced in 1957 from South America. Known for its distinctive tail spot, it's considered by many anglers as the most hard fighting freshwater fish in the world! Hawaii and South Florida are the only places you'll find the peacock bass in the United States. The only native freshwater fish is the O'opu. Found in mountain streams, it was a highly prized food fish by ancient Hawaiians. Other freshwater sport fish have been introduced over the years... Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Bluegill, Channel Catfish, Snakehead (Pongee), Oscar, and Tilapia. Many unwanted aquarium species have been dumped into streams and lakes in Hawaii. Red Devil & Pacu are considered a pest by some anglers, and a great sport fish by others. Many tropical aquarium fish are now well established in lakes and streams. Fishing in Hawaii? With catching Peacock Bass, the best time would be during the warmer months, good thing Hawaii, its warm all year round! April through the end of October seem to be the months with the most consistent catch rate. Temperatures during the summer and fall are usually in the low to mid-eighties (occasionally hitting the 90's) making it very humid, and October and November end up as the hottest months of the year. Unlike the Large Mouth Bass, the Peacock Bass seem to love the warmer temperatures; so the warmer the weather, the livelier the PeacockBass.


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