Condor Sportfishing


The Condor is a large safe and modern sport fishing boat. At 90ft long and 25ft wide, she is low to the water and ready to fish. The ALL STEEL construction assures she is one of the best riding and safest vessels in the fleet. The Condor is able to fish safely and comfortably on days that some of the older and smaller wooden boats are stuck closer to home or at the dock. The modern design adds to these features. The bathrooms are located in a protected area in the rear of the cabin for your convenience. (No walking to the bow on a wet deck). The bulbous bow insures the best ride possible when the weather is up. A full service galley with seating for 28, an upper deck with room for 30+, and benches around the outside of the cabin makes sure that there is plenty of room for all to relax in comfort. Service is top notch on the Condor. There is an experienced and friendly crew onboard at all time to assist you. The Condor has been fitted with separate fish holds to allow us to maintain your catch in a variety of ways. A below deck slammer has been installed to add an extra 150 scoops of bait for the longer trips. The Condor operates as a zone 3 vessel (NO 150-MILE LIMITS), and is inspected annually by the U.S. Coast Guard. She is fully equipped with all the modern electronics and safety equipment to make your trip successful, comfortable, and safe. Add to this a large bait capacity, 11+ knots of available cruising speed and the most deck space of any boat her size in the fleet, and you can see that the Condor is truly an awesome sport fishing rig.


2838 Garrison Street
San Diego, California 92106
United States