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At Fishing Headquarters, we offer a large variety of different Fort Lauderdale fishing excursions. If you're down for a few days, you may even like to try a few of our different trips. Sport fishing, both shared and private charters, are our best trip for catching the biggest and the most fish. Our daily drift fishing trip is a great fishing trip and probably the best value fishing trip in Ft Lauderdale, the cheapest fishing trip in Fort Lauderdale. Or try our daily all day trip where we go deep sea fishing for a full 8 hours for only $250 per person. All our trips include everything, just bring your own snacks and drinks. Whatever fishing trip is your preference, we have the Fort Lauderdale Florida fishing charter for you. No experience is necessary, we will teach you everything. We love getting new people into sportfishing. We're only a 20 minute drive from Miami, Pompano or Boca Raton and we are well worth the drive, so if you want to have a great day on the ocean, come out on a charter with us. We'll show you a great time. My name is Paul Roydhouse. I'm a third generation fisherman in Fort Lauderdale, and I've been fishing here for 47 years. My philosophy on fishing is to do whatever it takes to find fish and never leave them biting. Only 1 mile off Fort Lauderdale beach we have a year round migration of some of the biggest and most sought after gamefish in the world. Depending on the time of year, you will catch Kingfish, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin, Swordfish, Dolphin, Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Amberjack, Barracuda, or Big Game Sharks. I've been fishing Ft Lauderdale my whole life and still love it. Whatever conditions the day has to offer, I can use my experience to find the fish for you. Drift fishing is a great way to get out fishing in Ft. Lauderdale. We run 3 four hour fishing trips every day. Our boat is the Catch My Drift, a beautiful 85' Gulfcraft party fishing boat, coast guard certified and licensed. You won't find a bigger, faster, or more comfortable boat in our area. We include everything you will need on your trip: rods, bait, tackle, licenses, everything. NO EXPERIENCE NECCESSARY. Our crew is experienced, professional and friendly and they are there to assist you with everything. $45 per person (4 hours). $35 for children under 12. Ask us for times and availability. On our Shared Sportfishing Charters we go Trolling, Live Baiting and Shipwreck fishing and we fish for sailfish, mahi-mahi dolphin, wahoo, tuna, big game sharks, amberjacks and anything else that bites! On this trip, we pair you together with another couple to make a full charter. The maximum is six persons but it is usually only four. We concentrate on live bait fishing for whatever is biting best. For this trip, reservations are required. $150 per person - all inclusive 8AM - 12PM or 1PM - 5PM $250 per person - all inclusive 8AM - 4PM Private swordfishing Charters can be arranged as either Dayime or Night Sword Trips. These trips are totally different from eachother in the way the trip is structured and the technique of fishing. 10 Hour Charter: $1350 7AM - 5PM . We also offer Overnight Swordfishing Charter the Entire Boat- Up to 6 People On a private sportfishing charter, you get the entire boat to yourself for your group of up to 6 people. Our sportfishing boats are the Big Game and Out of the Blue, both 48' Ray Davis sportfishing boats. These boats are exceptionally well set up for fishing with an extra large fishing cockpits and 3 fighting chairs, fully air-conditioned inside cabin and full flybridge and tuna tower. On a private charter, we can center the trip around anything you want- Big Game Shark Fishing, Offshore Dolphin Fishing, Sailfishing with Kites, Wreck Fishing with Live Baits... anything you want. Or just tell us to keep you in the action and we'll fish for whatever will catch us the most fish. Fort Lauderdale is our backyard and we are out fishing every single day. Fish with us and we'll show you why we are the best at what we do! 4 Hour Charter: $600 6 Hour Charter: $850 8 Hour Charter: $1150 CORPORATE CHARTERS Hosting or planning a convention here in Fort Lauderdale? I have the perfect activity for you. Why not send your group out on a day on the beautiful south Florida water. Ft. Lauderdale has become a hotspot for company meetings, business conventions, Expos, and even large family reunions. And what better activity to let everyone relax than a nice day of fishing for everyone. We put together everything for your group. We will arrange the boats, as many boats as you need. Each private charter boat can take a maximum of 6 people. Fishing Headquarters can even arrange and coordinate a small tournament between the different boats in your group. A bit of fun competition is always a hit. We'll make sure all the boats have boxed lunches aboard for everyone, and sodas, beer, and waters will all be iced down and ready for you when you board. WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING AND NOT BRING? We supply all your fishing tackle, licenses, bait, coolers and ice. You just need to bring your own food and drinks. If you are going out on a daytime trip, you should remember some sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses(polarized if possible so you can see down into the water better), and maybe a hat. We ask that you don't bring glass containers on the boat. Bottled beers sometimes fall and glass is potentially dangerous. Please bring cans and plastics only. No Braided Line is allowed on the boat. You are also welcome to bring some cold beers out with you or some wine coolers. No hard liquor is allowed on the Drift fishing boats. We want you to have fun and if you want to have a few beers, that's fine. But please remember it's a fishing trip, not a drinking trip. Since its mostly private charters on the sportfishing boats, you can bring whatever you want to on those boats. Captain's orders overrule ALL policies of the company when at sea. Wear cool and comfortable clothes on most days, something you don't mind getting a little 'fishy'. Any shoes are fine, even flip-flops (no heels). The weather is rarely chilly on Ft Lauderdale, but if it is, bring a windbreaker or a long sleeved shirt. Don't forget a hat and sunglasses! CAN I SHIP MY FISH HOME? Shipping fish is expensive, but yes you can. A better option, is to freeze your fish and take it on the plane with you as check-in baggage. You can check a cooler with frozen fish as check-in luggage. We have a walk-in freezer at our dock where you can grab a shelf and store your fish for free. When you are headed to the airport, stop by our dock and pick up your frozen fillets. Load them into a strong styrofoam cooler and they should stay frozen for you the whole flight home.


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