Keawe Adventures


We opened in 2008 after our owner was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. He served two hours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. Our Owner, Makani Christenson, has dedicated his life to fishing and incorporated fishing into Keawe Adventures. Growing up he was part of the Hilo Castin Club. A club of shore casters that were dedicated to catching the Giant Trevally around the Big Island by using various angler techniques to include plugging, dunking, and sliding bait. He has fished commercially for Pelagic Fish and Reef Fish, Dunking , Plugging and more. Through the experience he has gained from a lifetime of fishing all over the Islands, Makani has gained a better understanding of the ocean and of fish movements, which is why fishing is a big part of Keawe Adventures. Here in Hawaii we have many different types of fishing methods. For the most part when people think of fishing, when they are visiting Hawaii, they usually think of the standard deep sea fishing tours. However, there are many other wats to catch the fish of a lifetime to include Spear Fishing, Light Tackle Fishing and Fly Fishing. Keawe Adventures offers fishing tours in Oahu, Kauai and Maui. There is a level of skill associated with each method, and our guides are here to teach the novice the basics or hone in the skills of more experienced fisherman as fishing in Hawaii is inlike any other place on the planet! We love fishing! It is a passion that is almost impossible to shake. Who doesn't want to spend time at the beach stocking the elusive Hawaiian Bonefish or the Giant Trevally locally called Ulua? These fish are plentiful in numbers, but getting them to bite is another story. It takes luck, skill, and timing to land these fish. To increase our chances of catching fish it is important understanding the knowledge of the grounds, tides and fish movements. That is what our guides at KEawe Adventures provide. What is Fly Fishing? The act of casting a fly or lure with only the weight of the line. Eliminating the need for lead weights that scare fish upon entering the water. This allow fly fishermen to sight fish for the targeted fish in the shallow sandy waters. In our case, it is the elusive Hawaiian Bonefish. We offer both Half Day and Full day tours. Our half day tours are 3-5 hours and a full day tours are 6-8 hours. We have a variety of fly fishing rods we use-5 wt, 6 wt, 7 wt, 8 wt, 9 wt, 10 wt. For our bonefish, our go to rod is usually the 7 wt or 8 wt. Our salt water reels have anywhere from 200-300 yards of backing. We use a variety of flies that resemble crabs, mantis shrimp and other crustaceans. The bonefish or Albula vulpes are the targeted fish. These fish grow in excess of 10lbs and and are common in our waters. We usually see these fish in the sandy shallow waters within the reef slowly gliding along the bottom in search of food. Seeing these fish and placing the fly where you expect the fish to end up without scaring the fish is key to success. The bonefish on Oahu are very spooky, the slightest vibration on the surface or sense that something is wrong, will send these fish darting in the opposite direction. The flies is a combination of fur, nylon, flash, and rubber intertwined into an intricate work of art mimicking the fish's natural prey. The flies used are tested and have caught fish. Here is a classic example of a fly used. Our boat is a 15 Foot Adnros fly fishing flats boat shipped in from Florida. We have a specially designed fly platform for fly casting. The draft is about 10 inches, which allows us to navigate around the reef. We take up to 4 passengers on each trip. Keep in mind that the more anglers we have the less individual time you will have with the guide. Additional guides will be an additional charge. Light tackle fishing is a great experience for kids and families. Depending on your desire and request, we will create a custom type of fishing adventure. We have various rods and reals for all ages and types of fishing. Lets cast out some bait and wait. Using a combination of sinker, swivel, hook and bait we target various fish on the inner reefs. We can take a maximum of 4 anglers or 1500lbs on our Andros Flats boat or we can go from shore and take up to 6 anglers. Depending on your set up and what is biting will determine the type of hook and bait used. We typically use squid, octopus or shrimp and anywhere from a size 10-20 hook. We have chairs and a cooler we will bring upon request. Spend a couple hours in Hawaii at the Beach with a couple poles out. Give use your food preference and we can pick up sandwiches, bentos, fruits, waters and etc an afternoon picnic at one of our Hawaii Beaches at an additional cost. In general whipping take a little more skill than dunking and is more of an active fishing technique. We will use a combination of weight, hook, lure and swivel to caste and retrieve until we catch a fish. Whipping from the boat is fun, but only two individuals can safely participate. We can take up to 4 individuals whipping from land. Keeping the amount of anglers to a minimum will increase the amount of time you have with the guide. We can utilize a jig to target bonefish. The jigs work! You'll have to find the fish and cast well in advance of the fish. If all goes right, you will see the bonefish dart in the direction of the jig and take it without hesitation. We can do this from the boat or by wadding on the flats. Guide Service and Transportation in VAN: $157.07/Hour Guide Service and Transportation in SUV: $193.72/Hour * For larger groups, please call to inquire other options We are open 7 days a week, and we are ready to take you fishing at a moments notice.