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Grand Cayman Fishing and Snorkeling Tours Founded by Capt. Alvin Oh Boy Charters is a family owned and operated business that has been providing the ultimate fishing, snorkeling and charter experience since its inception in 1995. Capt. Alvin conceived Oh Boy Charters to provide the quality of customer service required to create a repeat-customer-based fishing and charter business that would be dependent primarily on word-of-mouth advertising. And we have done just that! An estimated 75% of our business is repeat-customer generated and 85% of our new customers are recommended by word-of-mouth. That says a lot for us. And we're working hard to improve these figures. Starting with you. Our fully refurbished top of the line 60' custom built sport fisher Oh Boy is suitable for all the activities that we offer, but is used primarily for deep sea fishing. For our smaller groups we have our 34' Crusader, Last Dollar for reef fishing and snorkelling. Both boats are available for private charters. So, if it's deep sea fishing, reef fishing, Stingray City snorkeling or a private charter that you would like to experience, Oh Boy Charters is here to cater to you in every aspect, ensuring that your adventure is truly recommendable. Snorkel equipment and vests, fruit punch, water and round trip transportation to and from your hotel or cruise pier are provided complimentary to each tour. Grand Cayman Island Fishing Charter The rod dips and the reel spins fast smoking fast! There's shouting onboard you're not even sure who's saying what, but one voice is clear: your captain's shouting, We're hooked up! Now you're sure. There's no mistaking. You've hooked the big one! But the fight has just begun. It's as heavy as you are. Or heavier. As strong as you are. Or stronger. The cameras are rolling. You've got to get this baby on board. There's something else that you're sure of: you've got an experienced fishing crew and the finest fishing tackle available. There's no way you won't win this battle. If this sounds like your idea of the right way to spend the day (and want to know how this story ends) Book a deep sea fishing charter to catch Wahoo, marlin, tuna and mahi-mahi on Oh Boy. Reef Fishing Or perhaps you'd like to fish at a slower more relaxed pace on the reef where you'll fish for snapper, grouper and the other bottom fish. Night Fishing Night fishing trips are also available and run from 6-9pm. Fish for Grouper, snapper, and shark. Dinner and non-alcoholic drinks are included. Enjoy BBQ chicken, traditional Cayman-style fish, rice, salad, and cocunut bread. Join us aboard OH BOY as we go in seek of these legendary fish that will make you sweat and beg for water and wish you never hooked them. After you have worked up your muscles and sweat off your lunch, join us in the Galley where your Captain has prepared a scrumptious dinner (not from the shark) but from fresh caught Mahi Mahi or tasty Wahoo. Description 60' Sportfisher Max No. Passengers 34' Max No. Passenger Half Day Reef Fishing $900.00 8 $600.00 5 Full Day Reef Fishing $1,600.00 8 $1,100.00 5 Half Day Deep Sea $1,000.00 8 $650.00 5 Full Day Deep Sea $1,900.00 8 $1,200.00 5 Grand Cayman Snorkeling Half-Day, 3-Stop Trip Stingrays City Sandbar, Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef Snorkeling The most popular snorkel trip in the country we set out from Governor's Harbor into the North Sound to the world famous Stingray City Sandbar where you actually stand in waist-deep water to hold, pet and feed the stingrays. A myriad of coral and fish combine for a spectacular kaleidoscopic exhibit at the Coral Gardens (also known as the Aquarium), one of two snorkeling sites that you will visit, the other being the Barrier Reef (or Fisherman's Reef as it was formerly known) which also offers a fantastic orchestration of fish and coral.


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