San Diego Salt Water Fly Fishing


San Diego Salt Water Fly Fishing is your go-to service for fly fishing on the waters of Southern California. Wether you are looking to play tug-a-war with a short fin mako shark, battle a yellowfin tuna or want to explore the inshore fishery for yellow tail, barracuda or calico bass, we have you covered. Southern California is a premier fishery with palegics of all species visiting our region at one point of time during the year. If you are in town for business or want to plan a destination trip, San Diego's year round fishery can deliver! Come spend the day on the water with the owner and captain of San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing, Capt. Mark Martin - Fully licensed and insured. San Diego offers a shark fishery like no other place, right here in our own backyard, within miles offshore, you have a chance of sight fishing for Mako shark on the fly. These amazing sharks have the capability of peeling drag off you reel at speeds of 35mph while jumping and flipping up to ten feet in the air before hitting the water and doing it again. In my opinion, they are the most impressive game fish to catch on a fly rod. Half day (5 Hours - Summer Only): $575.00 Full day (8 Hours): $750.00 Extended (10 Hours): $950.00 San Diego Bay fishing is a world class fishery offering multiple species to catch EVERY DAY of the year such as: Spotted bay bass, Sand bass, Halibut, Croaker, Sculpin, Angel Shark, Calico Bass, Barracuda, and Bonito. There is also bonefish that live in San Diego Bay and are fished year round. Half day only (4-5 Hours): $425.00 Inshore fishing in San Diego is unique in its own way. Depending on the time of the year, we will be fishing for a variety of pelagic fish. Fly fishing inshore will consist of spending time in the local kelp beds fishing for calico bass and barracuda or target schools of yellowtail and bonito, as well as skipjack at the inshore banks. Half day (5 Hours): $550.00 Full day (8 Hours): $750.00 San Diego's offshore fishery has some of the most accessible offshore fishing on the west coast during the summer months. Fish the local offhsore banks for Yellowtail, Tuna, Dorado (mahi-mahi), Bonito, Shark and Barracuda. When fishing our offshore banks we may travel as far out as 40 miles and can run up to 100 miles round trip depending where we find the fish. We will spend the day looking for floating kelp patties, breezing fish and birds. Full day (8 Hours): $750.00 Extended day (10 hours): $850.00 Contact Captain Mark to plan your Fly Fishing trip in San Diego. Call Today!


San Diego, California
United States