Sasa-Ginni-Gak Lodge


Sasaginnigak Lodge, Canada Over 8600 surface acres of pristine wilderness is your playground for your stay at Sas Lodge. Just imagine the endless possibilities of shoreline and underwater structure that this beautiful lake will offer you. With over 100 islands and 177 miles of shoreline you can fish ‘til your heart’s content, trolling, jigging and casting all the way! Sas Lodge is the only camp located on a remote wilderness lake in a protected pristine environment. The lake offers an easy navigation to all the "hot spots" for fishing. Whether you are a hard-core fisherman or a first time fisherman, Sas Lodge Lake will accomadate your needs. Included is 14 foot aluminum boats with newly leased 8hp 4-stroke outboards, which hold guests per boat. There is also 3 very comfortable cabins with all the bedding and towels provided and well equipped kitchens to cook your fish in, which range from 2 beds to 10 beds! Non-Guided Fishing Experience Non-guided fishing is one of the reasons we call our lake "the lodge that's not a lodge." The reason for this is because we want your fishing trip to be the way you want to experience it. We want you to be able to choose the times you come and go and to fish as much or as little as you please. Non-guided does not mean unsupported. Sas Lodge crew or the pilot that drops you off at the Outcamps will make sure to help with any instructions you need available. Don't you worry, If this is the first time your running your own boat and outboard motor, you will be shown everything you need to know to start your fishing! You will be provided with maps of the lake as well as some spots to catch some amazing fish. Every evening your boats are cleaned and fuel tanks filled. We want you to be safe and enjoy your privacy and freedom on the water! What to catch on Sasaginnigak Lake Walleye: Walleye's are one of the tastiest fish you can catch in Manitoba. Manitoba waters produce one of the most cosistent popluations of walleye in North America. In lakes like Sasaginnigak, walleye fish are a distinct dark greenish gold color. Typically during the warmest part of the summer, walleye can often be found in deeper water. They can weigh in at up to 20lbs. Northern Pike: Northern Pike is one of the most commonly found fish in Manitoba. This fish is a voracious feeder and one of the most predatory fish in our water. The Northern Pike will put up good fight on the hook and can weigh up to 40lbs. The color usually is a bluish green to grey on its back with some yellow or gold spots on the sides. Lake Trout: Lake Trout are predominantly found in cold, clear deep lakes like Sasaginnigak Lake. Lake Trout are beautiful large fish with light spots on the flesh. In the summer time you will find them at the depths of 100 ft. Lake trout can put up a fight and give you a battle you will enjoy. The Outcamps Fishing at an outcamp lake, for many, is the ultimate fly-in fishing experience. You and your group are the only people on the lake, staying at the only cabin on the lake. You are completely on your own for your entire stay. We provide a satellite phone for emergency contact but other wise we won't be in touch with you until the plane lands to pick you up again. Apisko Lake Apisko is a great mid-size lake. It is easily navigated with no shortage of spots to try, even on those longer stays. The 60 ½ foot Northern was caught and released in 2004. Apisko has a gorgeous log cabin which sleeps 8 in three bedrooms. Apisko has a beautiful log cabin that was built in 2004 and is fully solar powered (with a back-up generator). There is a flush toilet, shower, wood-burning stove and hand-carved log table and chairs. The 1000 sq ft cabin sleeps eight in three bedrooms all on single beds (no bunks). Minimum group size of four please. Charron Lake The crystal clear water of this lake is the first thing that stands out about it. Its immense size is another outstanding feature. A large open body of water with depths up to 200 feet is fringed with smaller areas of water providing a variety of fishing spots. The main shoreline totals over 150 miles with islands and reefs. Kesch Lake Kesch (Keschismeeneko) is a great little lake, easy to navigate with lots of little bays and varied shoreline to fish. The two-bedroom cabin sleeps six and the docks and boats are new and well maintained. Kesch's close proximity to Sasaginnigak helps make a trip to Kesch very affordable as well. Air Services with Northway Aviations How do you get to your camps? Am I being flown in on a safe flight? Northway Aircraft Northway Aviation is a family business that began both the lodge and air service in 1962. Most of our pilots started their careers on small Cessna aircraft. But today we operate modern, efficient Cessna Caravan aircraft that are safer, more reliable and provide a more comfortable and quieter flight. All pilots are trained at Flight Safety Iternational which provides a high level of training and aircraft simulator experience. All aircrafts are operated by instrument flight rules (IFR), so that they can be flown in all weather conditions. They have the ability to see weather, lightning strikes and traffic in the area. Northway operates out of the St. Andrews airport appoximately 15km north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Air traffic is managed by a control tower and the airport equipped with approaches for IFR operations. Northway aircraft engines are electronically trend monitored to provide data to flag and abnormalities to ensure the high level of safety. It has its own Approved Maintenance Organization and all maintenance is performed on our premises. Our main goal is to get you from your destination safely and professionally, so you can enjoy every aspect of your trip!


501 Airline Road
St. Andrews, Manitoba R1A 3P4